About Us

My experience with colloidal silver:  I was not a stranger to electrolysis devices because I had built one to make hydrogen and oxygen gasses from water.  Colloidal silver is made by electrolysis, but in a way where no gasses are saved; only the water and the microscopic silver particles suspended in the water.  Particles large enough to settle to the bottom of the container are filtered out.

I have generally let my career path follow the fulfillment of the needs I see around me.  These are the things I am confronted with, and the needs are things I don't just see; I can feel them too.  Just as is the case with everything else I have made, I started making colloidal silver because one of my family members wanted it.  Once I was making the silver liquid, I was pleased to discover that my family members were asking for more of it.  I found that some of them were able to benefit from its many uses, and soon I was giving out bottles of it.  Unlike other projects I have done in the past, it feels as if the rest of the world is asking me for this product.

- Brian Humphreys