Silhouette Hair Moisturizer

Mostly just aloe juice, but made from concentrate so it can be mixed to triple-strength, so it can have enough aloe to give it a little hold.  A little bit of vegetable glycerin makes it more moisture and oil-friendly but without any oily residue whatsoever.  Both are USDA certified organic!  It needs a preservative to prevent spoilage, so we use campden (wine preservative).  A mild fragrance is added:  for her, a blend of cherry and cedarwood; for him, a blend of orange and sandalwood; all organic fragrances.  There is no lingering fragrance; just enough so it smells nice when it’s sprayed.  The colorant is vegetable dye, but just a hint; not enough to stain clothing.
Definitely not your grandma’s hair spray!  No fumes, alcohol, flammable propellants, or glue-like substances.  Silhouette gives your hair the natural humectant (moisture-attracting) of aloe.1  Aloe is a desert succulent plant2 containing sap which attracts and retains moisture from the air!  The gentle botanical ingredients help to keep your hair hydrated to prevent frizziness.  See your hair, for once, the way nature conceived it to be:  Whether curly, wavy or straight, your hair will be free-flowing.  The campden may also help neutralize the harsh effects of chlorine from swimming pools.  Whether your hair suffers from frizziness or dryness; or after a swim, spray with Silhouette Mist to keep your hair hydrated, happy, comb-able and under just enough control to enhance its natural individuality.
DIRECTIONS:  Spray a little on your hair after washing, conditioning, rinsing and drying.  Best of all, Silhouette is a convenient spray-on to be used anytime you need it.  Keep spray out of your eyes.
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