About Us

My experience with colloidal silver:  I was not a stranger to electrolysis devices because I had built one to make hydrogen and oxygen gasses from water.  Colloidal silver is made by electrolysis, but in a way where no gasses are saved; only the water and the microscopic silver particles suspended in the water.  Particles large enough to settle to the bottom of the container are filtered out.

I have generally let my career path follow the fulfillment of the needs I see around me.  These are the things I am confronted with, and the needs are things I don't just see; I can feel them too.  Just as is the case with everything else I have made, I started making colloidal silver because one of my family members wanted it.  Once I was making the silver liquid, I was pleased to discover that my family members were asking for more of it.  I found that some of them were able to benefit from its many uses, and soon I was giving out bottles of it.  Unlike other projects I have done in the past, it feels as if the rest of the world is asking me for this product.

- Brian Humphreys

Silver in a Bottle is made with an electrolytic process which continually monitors the strength of the product.  The product is stirred automatically at timed intervals.  When the time is up, the energy input and strength are checked, before decanting the product with a filter; after which it is ready to bottle.


Bottling Silver in a Bottle.


All ingredients are American made.  Silver in a Bottle is made with silver which comes from a fully licensed supplier, is mined, refined and minted in America and has a purity of 99.999%.  I have greater confidence in raw materials which meet our domestic standards than I have in imports.  There are no secret or hidden ingredients because colloidal silver has no other ingredients; just pure silver and steam-distilled water.