• Silver in a Bottle, Glass, 4-pk.

Colloidal silver is a simple liquid; mostly water, with a trace amount of extremely small particles of silver. It is made by the controlled dissolving of the silver by a low-voltage electric current in water. Only the particles of silver tiny enough to remain suspended in the water remain as part of the solution. Each of the particles retains an electric charge which pushes against its neighbors, thereby keeping themselves perpetually suspended in what is defined as a colloidal state.

Steam-distilled water and 99.9% pure bullion-grade silver are the only ingredients. Particles in a colloidal state are no more than 1 micron in diameter.

Important Definition

Colloid is a solution that has particles ranging between 1 and 1000 nanometers in diameter, yet are still able to remain evenly distributed throughout the solution.i

The definitions of "colloid" and "ion" are not mutually exclusive. Colloidal silver can also be defined as “ionic” because an electric charge is holding the silver particles in suspension in the water; the liquid is both colloidal and ionic at the same time, by definition.

Important Definition

Ion ― an atom or group of atoms that carries a positive or negative electric charge as a result of having lost or gained one or more electrons.ii

Colloidal silver has a 100-year history of use as an anti-microbial, anti-pathogenic aid. It was widely used before modern antibiotics became prevalent. It has a clear to slightly yellow color and a mildly metallic taste.

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Silver in a Bottle, Glass, 4-pk.

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