• Silver in a Bottle (16 oz.)

Optimum strength pure colloidal silver in an economical 16 oz. bottle. Ingredients are steam-distilled water and 99.999% pure silver. Good value and efficient shipping service.  Blue PET plastic bottles are BPA-free, economical and easy to ship!  The NEW amber glass bottles are the answer if you prefer to have glass bottle!.  Amber glass bottles have child resistant caps.  Glass bottles can be ordered at a discounted rate, in 2-packs for $40.48; 3 for $53.97; and the 4-pack for $62.96.  Just change the quantity on the shopping cart page.

Silver in a Bottle lists its ingredients right on the label.

Purevon Silver in a Bottle is unique not because of what is in it; but rather for what is not in it. You are getting pure colloidal silver because no additives are used to speed production or to force higher concentration readings.

Siver in a Bottle is pure colloidal silver, made from steam-distilled water and 99.9% pure silver bullion. Colloidal silver is a suspension of particles of silver in water. The stated strength of the solution of Silver in a Bottle is 20 parts per million (P.P.M.) minimum. The color of Silver in a Bottle is pale yellow.

Just silver and water! There are no “secret ingredients,” no fancy “proprietary processes,” no “patented technologies” and no “gimmicks;” not here! Colloidal silver has been around for well over 100 years, and Silver in a Bottle makes no dubious claims to be anything more than colloidal silver.

All ingredients and packaging are American made. This is where it matters. Silver in a Bottle is made with silver which comes from a fully licensed supplier, is mined, refined and minted in America and has a purity of 99.9%. I have greater confidence in raw materials which meet our domestic standards than I have in imports.

Audio Interview with Brian Humphreys of Purevon

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Silver in a Bottle (16 oz.)

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