• Silver in a Bottle, 4-pack (1/2 gal. total)

Silver in a Bottle is true colloidal silver.  It is made by electrolysis, using 99.9% pure silver bullion from a licensed American supplier, and pure steam-distilled water.  Colloidal silver is a delicate electrolytic liquid which can have no additional ingredients because it would then no-longer meet the definition of colloidal silver.  Colloidal silver, by definition is also ionic, at the same time, because it holds an electric charge.  The charge held by silver is a negative charge.  The electric charge takes the form of an additional negatively-charged layer on the surface of the silver particles.  The charge keeps the particles in perpetual suspension in the water by the mutual repulsion among them; much like magnets repel each-other when like poles are brought together.  Gravity does not cause the particles to settle out of the liquid, as the force of mutual repulsion is greater than the force of gravity on each particle.

A colloid, by definition, has particles less than 1 micron in size.  The particles are very minute, and the amount of silver in the water is; likewise, minute at only 20 parts per million, or a bit more.  Colloidal substances are “most remarkably active...They owe their activity to their minuteness and to the fact that substances when in the colloidal state have an enormous surface area as compared with their volume or weight, and as chemical reactions depend on the amount of contact between two or more particles these reactions will proceed the more rapidly and completely when the substances have a large surface area and are in a state of oscillation.  It is well known that chemical reactions can only occur when two or more substances are in direct contact, colloidal substances are very powerful because of the enormous area they possess.”1  Searle is referring to two different surface areas; the surface of the minute particle of silver, and the “enormously” larger surface area of the same particle when it is in the colloidal state! In the colloidal state, the layer formed by the electric charge gives the particle an effective surface area many times larger than that of the particle itself.

Searle continues, stating that, “On the other hand, mass (weight) plays an important part in all chemical reactions and largely regulates their intensity.  The mass of colloidal sol particles is so minute that the objectionable effect of intense reactions on the human subject are largely avoided, whilst the advantages of rapid and complete reaction are secured.  For this reason, certain medicines administered in the colloidal form are not merely more active and possess greater penetrating power, but they are free from the poisonous effect of the same substances when given in the form of tincture or solution.”2  For this reason, colloidal silver was deemed safe and effective 100 years ago.

Silver in a Bottle is NOT made by using methods which are intended to increase the silver content beyond the range deemed safe by Searle.  If the liquid is dark brown in color, it can not be true colloidal silver.  If it has a very high silver content, other methods must have been used to make it.  The benefits of using colloidal silver safely may be lost when using such adulterated preparations.  Likewise, there might be no benefit from using a liquid sold as colloidal silver which is water-clear and does not have the slight metallic taste of true colloidal silver.

1. The Use of Colloids in Health and Disease, Alfred B. Searle, London, Constable and Company, Ltd., 1920, pp. 3 – 20.

2. Searle, p. 18.

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Silver in a Bottle, 4-pack (1/2 gal. total)

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